Farm Cafe restaurant photoshot

If you have never called in to the Farmcaf√© and Foodmarket near Woodbridge, Suffolk, on the A12 we highly recommend you do. Behind the fairly modest exterior lies a cafe that rivals most restaurants in the area, and that’s not just our opinion; they’ve picked up excellent reviews from everyone from The Good Food Guide to The Observer.

Realising they needed some great photography to match the lovely food, they asked us to spend a day there photographing everything from their homemade pies and ready meals to interior pictures of the cafe itself. We worked pretty fast, pausing only to taste the latest dish on show (well we had to try them!), and finished the day with a comprehensive set of over 130 pictures that covered every aspect of the Suffolk eatery.

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Rustic pies shot from overhead
Scones with cream and jam on a wooden background
A pie of triangular biscuits
Beef caserole