Green Gate

Product photography

We shoot a lot of products here at CliQQ. Almost every day we find ourselves photographing some form of packshot for either magazines or commercial clients.

Despite the regularity we know how important these are to our clients. They might not be the sexiest shots in the world but most brands would struggle without them. Yes, they might often be functional images but it is also critical that these are accurate, consistent, perfectly lit, colour-correct and flattering.

For any brand these shots need to look perfect. Now consider you’re selling your product at Harrods, one of the most high-end retailers in the world. Thankfully Green Gate came to us.

Gloss black cylinders with gold foil and lots of fine detail may have troubled other photographers, but we relished the challenge.

If you have any products that you have struggled to get good shots of in the past give us a call, you might be surprised what CliQQ can do.


Photography: Oliver Suckling at CliQQ Photography
Retouching: Michelle Briers and Kris Myerscough

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