Holly House Hospital

Corporate photography

We have been working with Holly House for a number of years now. Each time we go back we get to photograph or film a different area of the private hospital and it’s been fascinating to see behind the scenes. From the operating theatres and laboratories to the call centre and reception lounge almost no area has been missed as we have worked to provide the hospital with a complete set of marketing images. The pictures have appeared everywhere from the website, to brochures, to large banners outside the building.
We had a clear idea of the hospital equipment and environments we needed photography of but were looking for a photographer who could do more than just shoot what was there. Having initially found CliQQ on the internet, we’ve now worked with them a number of times on both video and photography. Olly and Anthony are a pleasure to work with, instantly putting everyone at ease, but for us their creativity and attention to detail in staging the shots is invaluable, turning what could be a very clinical product shot into an engaging personable image.
Karen Hewit

Business Development Manager, Holly House Hospital

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Hospital operating theatre
Scientist looking at test tubes
Scientist in a lab using a microscope
Surgeon in the operating theatre
Portrait of a hospital nurse
Porter standing outside the entrance to the hospital
Chef chopping carrots in the hospital kitchen