Kiddie Cubes ingredients

Food photography

When you’re buying food for your baby you want to know that ingredients are as natural and healthy as they can be. That was the purpose of this shoot for Kiddie Cubes, a new comer to the baby food market.

The idea was to photograph the ingredients from above to show exactly what goes into each pack and help get across just how healthy and natural these products are.

We worked closely with our food stylist to ensure every pea was looking at it’s best.


Photography: Oliver Suckling and Ant Jones at CliQQ Photography
Food styling: Nico Ghirlando
Retouching: Michelle Briers

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Peaches and pears
Peas, courgettes and broccoli
Salmon, potatoes and peas
Butternut squash, lentils and celery
Mangoes and apples
Beefs, parsnip, sweetcorn and onions
Apples and pears
Chicken, carrots and broccoli
Apples, blueberries and apricot
Broccoli and cauliflower