Kimberly Wyatt for Your Fitness

It’s not everyday that you get asked to photograph a Pussycat Doll, so when Your Fitness magazine called and said they needed a photographer we jumped at the chance.

The photoshoot was with Kimberly Wyatt (clearly our favourite Pussycat Doll!) at her office just off Oxford Street. We arrived bright and early and started setting up our lights while Kimberly was in makeup.

Lighting was done with 5 Profoto strobes. Two on the back with umbrellas, two strip lights on the front and a silver umbrella up high at the front to give a bit more definition and “ping”.

We love working with celebrities and Kimberly was no exception. She was a delight to photograph and being a dancer meant that she could bust out some seriously impressive moves. Upside-down splits anyone?

Many thanks to a great team for helping make it such a fantastic shoot.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes on a Kimberly Wyatt photoshoot


Photography: Ant Jones at CliQQ Photography
Makeup: Yuko Fredriksson
Hair: Klare Wilkinson
Nails: Teresa Tarmey

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Kimberly Wyatt portrait
Kimberly Wyatt posing for Your Fitness
Kimberly Wyatt shot for Your Fitness