Klipspringer catalogue photography

For the redesign of their product catalogue Klipspringer needed virtually all of their products photographed in a stylish and consistent way. They specialise in colour coded equipment for the food industry, so clear and accurate representations of the products was key. With around 200 images needed this would be a shoot that spanned several days.

By working hard to create interesting arrangements and paying close attention to the lighting we were able to highlight key features and produce a series of product shots that no only conveyed all the necessary information but also created interest on the page, and on their website.

When looking to refresh our bank of marketing images, Klipspringer was directed to CliQQ. Working to tight deadlines on large projects such as catalogues, we have found both the photographers and the post-studio team to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Their attention to detail has resulted in a portfolio of excellent photographs for use throughout our complete marketing portfolio.”

Guy Bush

Marketing Manager, Klipspringer

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A series of different coloured product photographs on white
A series of purple products on a white background
Detail of a brush spraying water
Fan of brush ends
Purple storage bins on a white background