Munchy Seeds recipes

Food photography

We have enjoyed working with Lucinda and the Munchy Seeds team for a few years now. They know they can rely on us to get images with big impact out of their little seeds.

The beauty of having such a versatile and tasty product is that you can add it almost any dish, or even a smoothie. That meant we would have the chance to shoot a huge variety of images in the day. Each was to be used for a recipe card to give people ideas about different ways to use the product.

As on our last shoot with Munchy Seeds we handled all the food preparation and styling ourselves.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes on our food shoot with Munchy Seeds


Photography: Oliver Suckling and Ant Jones at CliQQ Photography
Food styling: CliQQ Photography
Retouching: Michelle Briers

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Munchy Seeds courgette salad
Munchy Seeds fruity breakfast bowl
Munchy Seeds avocado and tomatoes on toasted rye bread
Munchy Seeds butternut squash soup
Munchy Seeds fruit smoothies
Munchy Seeds stir fry
Munchy Seeds asparagus with butter
Munchy Seeds pear and blue cheese salad
Munchy Seeds with ale