Munchy Seeds

Food photography

The brief was to photograph a series of recipe ideas featuring the Munchy Seeds products. The challenge was that seeds are naturally quite small and we needed them to be the heroes in a range of different dishes.

We were working on location in a large country kitchen that we had found for the shoot. We brought all full range of lighting and setup a mini studio on the premises for the day.

After years of food photography we have a built up a large selection of props to help style our food shoots so we setup an enormous array of crockery in the next room to choose from. As we were styling the food ourselves we worked with Munchy Seeds to make sure every single seed looked at it’s best.

Behind the scenes

In the kitchen on a photoshoot for Munch Seeds by CliQQ Photography

The Munchy Seeds crew loved working with the young fun CliQQ team; very professional and full of bright fresh ideas – just what we were looking for.

Lucinda Clay

Founder & Owner, Munchy Seeds

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Munchy Seeds on porridge
Munchy Seeds with fruit and yoghurt
Munch Seeds antipasti
Munchy Seeds with a feta salad
Munch Seeds beetroot soup
Munchy Seeds with a pasta dish
Munch Seeds with carrot sticks and humous