Natural Health Beauty Awards 2016

Product photography

Somehow a year has flown by since our shoot for the 2015 Natural Health Beauty Awards so it was time to do a new photoshoot with this years winners. The plan was build on the success of last year but update the look and feel to keep it fresh.

We shot over two intense days in our studio building a different mini-set for each product category.


Photography: Oliver Suckling and at CliQQ Photography
Retouching: CliQQ Lab

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Beauty products on a moss background
Eye makeup shot from above on a white background
Beauty products on a bed of roses
Beauty products photographed on leaves
Beauty products on a pink background
Underwater themed beauty products
Lipsticks and nail varnish shot from above
Black beauty products on a dark background with flowers
Beauty products on leaves 2
Male beauty products
Geometrically arranged beauty products on a white background
Beauty products on wood and hessian
Contents page shot with beauty products
Beauty products in a tropical setting
Beauty products photographed on rose petals
Beauty product photography on leaves