Techno Pro Bash tennis rackets

We proposed several different kinds of product shot to the client for this image, each with varying degrees of complexity. The brief was completely open, they simply wanted a strong image to show off their kit. Once this route was selected we had the challenge of actually making it happen.

It might look like this was compiled in photoshop but in fact we painstakingly hung these rackets in position one string at a time. By creating the arrangement for real we could be sure to get realistic shadows and highlights throughout the image. The only thing we did have to add in later was the balls, though even those are from actual shots of them falling through the rackets. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes image below.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes showing the lighting setup for our tennis racket shoot

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CliQQ Photography have provided a great service to INTERSPORT, bringing creativity, style and originality to our brief.

Susan Herbert

Marketing & Communications Manager
, Intersport UK

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Techo Pro Bash tennis rackets with balls