Van fleet at sunrise for Redhead Couriers

Vehicle photography 

While sitting 10 meters in the air in a cherry picker at 6:30am on a Saturday isn’t our ideal start the weekend it was well worth it to get this shot for Redhead Couriers. There are easier ways to photograph a fleet of vans, but we rarely pick the basic option here at CliQQ.

We painstakingly lined up all the vans to form the perfect arrangement and then shot over fifty images, each one with the strobe in a different place to light up each van individually. These shots were then composited together to form one incredible fleet image. You can see a timelapse video of the retouch below.

Cover shot

Cover of Transport Monthly


Photography: Oliver Suckling and Ant Jones at CliQQ Photography
Retouching: Oliver Suckling

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The Redhead Courier fleet of vans arranged in a 'V' at sunrise
Redhead Couriers van fleet shot at sunrise