Zoggs junior goggles range

Product photography

Zoggs came to us looking for a new, exciting angle for their photography. We put forward a number of concepts and they loved the idea of photographing the products underwater, surrounded by clouds of coloured paint. The image was to promote a range of children’s goggles so bold colours were going to be key.

After getting hold of a 100 litre fish tank we started doing some test shots and quickly discovered that the final image was going to have to be built up from many separate photos so we started suspending each pair of goggles carefully in the tank so we could photograph them at their best.

Next was the fun part, photographing the paint! We tested a lot of different paints and consistencies until we found the combination that made the best ‘cloud’ underwater. By shooting different colours from different angles we were able to get all the elements we needed to build up the final image. The only downside was having to empty the tank in-between colours, all 100 litres of it!

You can see here how the final image was built up in photoshop. By shooting it separately and combining it later not only could we achieve the perfect image, but it also gave Zoggs the ability to move things around to fit different designs.

See how it came together

Animation showing how the final image came together

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Zoggs children's goggles range underwater with coloured paint clouds