Post Production, Tailored For You

Flawless skin, perfect packaging, dramatic special effects, subtle mood changes… CliQQ’s retouch artists can perform miracles at a moment’s notice.

Vast range of imaging editing services

Expert image editors with decades of experience

Competitive pricing, tailored to suit your project


Using multiple images, we can merge them together to create one sleek final shot.

Background Removal

Sometimes referred to as cut-outs. Ideal for a consistent and clean look, we can supply clipping paths too.


This could include the removal of props, smoothing creases, cleaning up skin blemishes to name a few.

Colour Matching

Eliminate any discrepancy between real life and imagery, we colour match your product to ensure accurate representation.


Create depth, perspective, and consistency with shadows. Natural, reflection, or drop shadows will give your product images that realistic touch.

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